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March 3, 2011

Mattel > Final JLU to be Exclusives

If you were looking forward to picking up every one of the 2011 Justice League Unlimited three-packs, hopefully you will be at one of the conventions Matty is attending this year.

Matty momentarily got the fans' hopes up concerning the always-intended-to-be-con-exclusive JLU three-packs, but the crowned one quickly recanted.

Matty went on to say that the JLU sets will be placed on if there are any left after the shows. Luckily for fans, Matty has expanded their (his?) travels plans for this convention season. In addition to San Diego Comic Con, Mattel will be attending C2E2 in Chicago (3/18-3/20), WonderCon in San Francisco (4/1-4/3), DragonCon in Atlanta (9/2-9/5) and New York Comic Con (10/13-10/16).

There will be three con-exclusive Justice League three-packs that cost $20.00 each.
  • Goldface / Evil Star / Kyle Rayner
  • Angleman / Firestorm / Killer Frost
  • Heatwave / The Flash / Mirror Master
There are more JLU figures planned for 2011, including sets that will be available through brick and mortar retail.

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