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February 14, 2011

Toy Fair >> DST > Real Ghostbusters MiniMates

If you were wondering when we would see something from Diamond Select Toys' showroom at Toy Fair, wonder no more. The Ghostbusters MiniMates Facebook page has shared with us new images of the Real Ghostbusters Minimates. 

We will first see a Real Ghostbusters four pack this summer with Egon, Ray, Slimer and Janine followed by an assortment of two packs exclusive to Toys "R" Us. The first series breaks down like this:
  • Slimer (Ghostbuster) & Janine (Ghostbuster)
  • Ray & Egon (four pack re-releases)
  • Boogey Man (pictured above) & Terror Dog (blue)
  • Sam Haim & the Egyptian Ghost
The Ghostbusters MiniMates Facebook page has photos of all the characters listed above as well as two versions of Louis Tully, a Logo Ghost MiniMate and a cartoon version of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.

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