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May 12, 2011

Officially Licensed Star Wars Luke Skywalker Ceremonial Jacket with Medal Of Yavin

Now you can own Luke Skywalker's ugly yellow jacket from Chewbacca's least favorite scene in the Star Wars Saga.

This prop/wardrobe item/girl repellent originally retailed for $275, but now it can be yours for $101.03. An odd price for an odd jacket. But before you order one for every day of the week, I suggest you peruse the reviews with caution. Take this one for example:
I bought this jacket for a co-worker in hopes that giving him a gift would inspire him to reveal his true feelings for me. He did look very nice in it, but maybe that's what caused the problem. He looked TOO nice. And kind of boring. Shortly after I gave it to him, I realized that he felt more like a little brother to me and that I actually have a thing for another guy at work who's kind of a scruffy smart aleck (a bit of a loser, really) and SO not my usual type at all who hangs around with some totally disreputable characters (some of them look like real hairballs ) and may not be strictly honest. But he has this sexy bad boy thing goin' on, IYKWIM and I'm finding it hard to resist. Heh, I haven't resisted AT ALL!
It's a really nice jacket, even though it kills all your romantic feelings for the nice, responsible and even kind of attractive guy you give it to, so be careful with it.
Check out the rest of the reviews on the Amazon product page.

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