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February 8, 2011

Post Haste

Can you guess what I found in my mailbox today?

I was starting to think Boba had fallen into the Sarlacc Pit again. It had been 4-8 weeks forver since I mailed in my 5 proofs of purchase from select Hasbro brand Star Wars action figures. If you haven't mailed away for yours yet, you only have until April 30, 2011 (or the more ominous until supplies last).

If you have waited until now to start collecting the Vintage Collection and intend to send away for Rocket-Firing Boba Fett, you suddenly have a couple things working against you. First, the average cost of the toys have skyrocketed to nine dollars a piece. Last year, Target was selling the same toys for six dollars and Walmart wasn't much more expensive at seven dollars.

If the inflated prices aren't enough to drive you away, in order to redeem Boba you are forced to cut the UPC codes from the beautiful Vintage packaging. Obviously the answer is to buy two of each figure.

If you don't want to desecrate a Vintage card back, this promotion also accepts UPC codes from the Build a Droid (87535 Asst.), Saga Legends (87995 Asst.) and The Clone Wars (87638 Asst.). Saga and Clone Wars figures tend to be less expensive and are currently part of a sale at Toys "R" Us. If you're still finding Build a Droid figures, then you need to switch stores.

In addition to the 5 UPC codes and the redemption certificate, Rocket-Firing Boba Fett also requires a fat check made out to Hasbro in the amount of $6.99. I guess that covers shipping. At least they double boxed him.

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