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February 1, 2011

All Hope is Not LOST

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All hope is not lost for Bif Bang Pow!'s second series of LOST retro-action figures, but pre-orders may determine whether or not anymore toys get off the island.

The Island of Lost Megos blog spoke with BBP! co-owner Jason Labowitz about the status of the LOST action figure line.
Wave 2 is still in danger of being cancelled. BBP says that if they don't get enough pre-sales by March 1 they won't be able to start production on Wave 2 in time for a July delivery. Their Lost merchandising license expires in July and they can't run the risk of not being able to sell what they make, they need to be confident that the sales will be there.
Entertainment Earth currently has series 2 up for pre-order now. Your account will not be charged until the figures ship. Entertainment Earth also has all of series 1 available as singles and doubles.

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